Allianz Capital Partners


Eurus Energy Europe B.V.

Eurus Energy develops, invests in and operates renewable energy projects worldwide, with particular focus on onshore wind and photovoltaic projects. We have been expanding our clean energy portfolio ever since our first wind project in California's Mojave Desert in late 1980s. We are actively sourcing new projects to develop with local partners in various parts of the world. Eurus Energy Europe B.V. is a part of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation, which is jointly owned by Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.


Skarta Energy Oy

Tuulivoimaprojektien infra rakentaja, jossa meillä on jo pitkä historia. Skarta Energy Oy myös valmistelee tuulipuistoprojektien toteutusprojekteja toteutettavaksi yhdessä muiden toimijoiden kanssa.