Market Entrance

Market Entrance is a one-day course offering a comprehensive, multi-view package about Finnish wind power. The topic is scrutinized from different viewpoints from the current situation and future outlook, political environment, and wind profiling & icing, to the project development process. The aim of the course is to give the participant understanding on doing wind power business in Finland: How to enter the market and what is needed to know about the wind power development in Finland. The course is suitable for all who want to understand and learn the basics of Finnish wind power, e.g. for companies planning to enter or have just entered the Finnish market, employees responsible for the Finnish market, etc. The course is held in English.

Topics of the course:

  • Finnish energy and wind power markets
  • Finnish wind resources
  • Offshore outlook
  • Wind power permitting and Finnish grid
  • Political environment and advocacy
  • What is it like to do wind power business in Finland?
  • How to run a construction project in Finland?
  • Operating wind power plants in Finland

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