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Finnish Wind Power Association supports the development and growth of the Finnish wind power industry.

Wind power projects in Finland

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    Why wind power?

    Why wind power?

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    Vitality for municipalities

    Wind power is decentralized electricity production, and several Finnish municipalities benefit from the investments brought by wind power. Wind power projects will bring, among other things, jobs, significant property tax revenues and land rental revenues.



    Today, wind power is the cheapest way to build new electricity generation capacity. When the wind turbine is completed, the costs will only come from its maintenance. When the wind is free and endless source of energy, the electricity generation itself is very profitable after the initial investment.


    Free from pollution

    Electricity generated by wind power does not emit emissions into the air, land or water. When electricity is generated by wind, fuel-free wind power displaces more expensive forms of electricity generation.

    Finnish wind power in numbers



    Wind power generation capacity at present (Fingrid)


    Wind power share of total production (Fingrid) in April


    Wind power plants in Finland (2021)


    Produced by wind power in 2021


    Finnish wind power capacity (2021)


    Share of wind power in Finland electricity consumption in 2020

    Member companies

    FWPA's member companies

    Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ab (Publ)
    Siemensgamesa Renevable Energy S.A.
    Schaeffler Finland Oy
    Savcor Oy
    S-Voima Oy
    Rejlers Finland Oy
    Ramirent Finland Oy
    Ramboll Finland Oy
    Peikko Finland Oy
    Nostokonepalvelu Projects Oy
    Nordex Finland Oy
    Neorem Magnets Oy
    Neoen Renewables Finland Oy
    Moventas Gears Oy
    Metsähallitus Kiinteistökehitys
    Merus Power Oyj
    Mäkitalo Asianajotoimisto Oy
    Loiste Energia Oy
    Kuljetusliike Ville Silvasti Oy
    Kl-Lämpö Oy
    Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy
    Jbe Service Oy
    Hpp Asianajotoimisto Oy
    Hannes Snellman Asianajotoimisto Oy
    Haminan Energia
    GE Energy (Finland) Oy
    Fondia Oyj
    Fimpec PMO Oy
    FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy
    Exilion Tuuli Ky
    Epv Energia Oy
    Energiequelle Oy
    Enersense International Oyj
    Eltel Networks Oy
    Destia Oy
    Despro Engineering Oy
    Cramo Finland Oy
    Borenius Asianajotoimisto Oy
    Axpo Finland Oy
    Asianajotoimisto Krogerus Oy
    Asianajotoimisto Dla Piper Finland Oy
    AFRY Finland Oy
    Abo Wind Oy
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