EnergyWeek 2024

The Event Week of the Energy Sector Returns in March 2024!

The most significant international networking and sales event for the energy sector in the Nordic countries, EnergyWeek, will be organized between March 11–14, 2024. The event will be a four-day event instead of the five days of previous years. Registration to the event will open at the beginning of February 2024. As with past EnergyWeek events, thousands of visitors and speakers from over 40 countries are expected to attend the event. The location for the event is the Vaasa city hall.

The event has four themes: energy and environment, wind and renewable energy, energy storage, and gas Energy.

The topics of the energy storage day are, among others, battery technologies and establishments, hydrogen, gas, synthetic fuels and heat and other topics related to energy storage. The exhibitors change according to the day’s theme. All EnergyWeek seminars will be organized in English.

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