Wind Europe: End-of-Life Issues & Strategies Seminar 2020

A significant share of Europe’s wind turbine fleet will come to the end of its projected lifetime within the next 10 to 15 years.

In order to fulfill Europe’s long-term decarbonisation agenda, the share of wind energy in the energy mix needs to grow further, and this outgoing generation capacity will have to be replaced. But this process is not as straightforward as it could seem.

The first edition of WindEurope’s End-of-Life Issues & Strategies (EoLIS) seminar brought together more than 170 industry and academic experts to discuss the way forward. Our one-day programme tackled policy and permitting issues as well as technology challenges, with in-depth sessions on lifetime extension, repowering, decommissioning and recycling.

This year’s EoLIS will be held entirely online over a period of three days. The WindEurope team is working on a dynamic and immersive programme for this edition of the conference.

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