Tuulivoima magazine

Tuulivoima magazine

The Finnish Wind Power Association publishes Tuulivoima magazine, which is posted to members and other key stakeholders. Published twice a year, the magazine offers a bumper package of information on topical themes, studies, company stories and other interesting subjects.

The printed magazine is delivered mainly in Finnish, but it also contains English-language articles and abstracts.

Tuulivoima magazine is part of the membership of the Finnish Wind Power Association, but it can also be subscribed to separately:

€30/year/ 2 issues (incl. 24% VAT).  Please send subscription requests to tuuli(at)tuulivoimayhdistys.fi

Tuulivoima magazine is also published online at www.tuulivoimalehti.fi

The online magazine has more than 20,000 visitors per year, guaranteeing wide visibility to the articles. In the online magazine, we also publish English-language articles in a more flexible way.

It is possible to purchase advertising space in both the printed and the online magazine.

Find out about the prices and materials requirements by downloading the media card for Tuulivoima magazine.