Projects under planning

120 707 MW

By May 2023, wind power projects worth 120 707 MW had been published in Finland.

Projects under planning

According to FWPA’s annual survey of wind power projects, by May 2023, wind power projects worth about 120 707 megawatts (MW) had been published in Finland. The share of projects planned for the sea is about 57 600 MW.

Download a summary of wind power projects planned in Finland (updated 05/2023). The list is updated by Sweco. The project list is updated twice a year. The next time the list of projects will be updated is in the end of year 2023 and it can be ordered in advance.

Download summary

Finnish wind power projects can be viewed on map.

The project list can be ordered in excel format from FWPA (€ 500 + VAT). The list is free of charge for FWPA’s corporate members and can be found on the Extranet (you can get the Extranet login link from The list will be provided to the authorities free of charge upon request.

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