Projects under planning

18,500 MW

By February 2020, wind power projects worth 18,500 MW had been published in Finland.

Projects under planning

According to FWPA’s annual survey of wind power projects, by February 2020, wind power projects worth about 18,500 megawatts (MW) had been published in Finland. The share of projects planned for the sea is about 2,700 MW.

Download the projects planned for Finland

The list is updated 2/2020 by Etha Wind.

Placed on the map, Finnish wind power projects can be viewed on Etha Wind’s website at

FWPA’s list of wind power projects is a comprehensive compilation of wind power projects planned for Finland. The data is collected using public sources such as the media and municipal websites, as well as known project developers. However, due to the diversity of sources and the update cycle (once a year), the list does not provide complete information on the status of projects. For an individual project, we recommend asking the project developer about the current situation.