The Finnish Defence Forces and wind power

The Finnish Defence Forces and wind power

All wind turbines with a total height of more than 50 meters need a positive statement from the Finnish Defense Forces before the wind power project can be built. This means that an industrial-sized wind farm always needs the approval of the Defense Forces. It is worth applying for the approval of the Defense Forces at a very early stage of the project. At the latest, it is needed at the spatial planning stage of the project. More information on applying for a permit can be found on the Defense Forces’ website at

Please use this form if you wish to request a statement for a wind power project

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A statement from STUVE Oy is also required for all wind power statements before a statement can be obtained from the Finnish Defense Forces. The statement should be requested in time from: asiakaspalvelu.stuve (at)


When carrying out construction work, account must be taken of any Defense Forces cable lines in the area and in the vicinity. The location of any cable lines should be determined in good time, at least ten (10) business days prior to the intended construction. Cable screens for the Defense Forces are ordered from Johtotieto Oy (info (at) /

The Defense Forces will not pay for any relocations of existing cable routes, protection of cables during construction or other changes that may result from the spatial planning.