About us


The Finnish Wind Power Association is a wind power industry advocacy organization founded in 1988, which paves the way for Finnish wind power and shares information on current issues in the field.

About FWPA

The Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA) is the national wind industry association, bringing together interested people, companies and other organisations. The association was formed in 1988 and our purpose is to share information and support development of the wind energy industry in Finland. The association has 8 employees and is headquartered in Jyväskylä.

Our vision:

To build clean and safe energy production for the Finnish people
To create employment though the development of a profitable domestic renewable energy sector.
To make a cleaner tomorrow today.


STY membership was grown quickly in the last few years. We currently have over 150 private individual members and over 200 company or organization members. Our member companies represent a wide range of businesses: from wind turbine and component manufacturers to project developers, law firms and consultants to logistics and lifting companies. Educational establishments and regional authorities are also amongst our members. With the support of our members, The Finnish Wind Power Association is a leading and vocal advocate of wind energy.

STY members gain first hand knowledge of current affairs in the industry and are able to influence the planning and implementation procedures and policy. Members gain exposure on the Association website and in our Wind Power magazine. Our events and member evenings offer excellent opportunities for networking and learning about the industry. As a member of the Finnish Wind Power Association, you are actively developing the future of Finnish wind power.

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