Initial stage

Initial stage critical issues

In addition to wind conditions, there are several general issues to be taken into account when planning a wind power project in Finland, with some minor variation in the different parts of the country. The critical issues can be divided into the following main categories:

  • Land use of the area and its surroundings: distance to housing, distance to airports (compliance with flight security), valid land use plans (see chapter 3.1), access to site, possible reindeer herding, distance to roads and railways, military, and weather radars etc.
  • Environmental issues: presence of endangered species in the area, nests of birds of prey, distance to protected areas etc.
  • Grid connection possibilities
  • Land lease agreements: transferability, registration with bankable priority, sector specific terms.

Check the wind conditions

Some indication of the available wind potential can be gained with the help of the Finnish Wind Atlas. There are also several commercial wind modelling providers. However, an on-site wind measurement campaign is necessary in the early phase of project development. A bankable project usually requires 1-2 years of on-site mast measurements. Measurements should be planned taking into account the icing conditions that occur during the winter time. Knowledge on local conditions, such as impact of forests and near-by wind farms, needs to be studied as part of wind measurements.

In the later stages of a wind power project, on-site environmental studies, as well as detailed noise and shadow flicker modelling, are needed..  Some projects may need modelling of their impact on military radars. As the military has a veto rights, it is advisable to seek military acceptance in the very early stages of the project. Further, also grid connection is described among other permits, but as another go or no-go issue, it is good to study the subject before major environmental studies and spatial planning are carried out.