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FWPA actively informs about Finnish wind power, publishes related studies and publications, and produces and communicates wind power events. On this page you will also find current media hits, statements made by FWPA, and vacancies in the wind power industry.

Publications 1.5.2020

Infra sound of wind turbines and health

The Government-funded project investigated the health effects of infrasound from wind turbines in Finland. According to the research results, the infrasound of wind turbines does not explain the symptoms associated with wind turbines. The study was performed as a multidisciplinary collaboration by the Technology Research Center VTT Oy, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the University […]

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Publications 21.5.2019

Employment and regional economic effects of wind power

Wind power investments bring benefits to Finland, e.g. in the form of jobs, turnover, value added and taxes. The report on employment and regional economic impacts of wind power examines the employment and regional economic impacts of wind power projects built in Finland during the entire current wind power capacity, ie approximately 2,000 MW, over […]

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