Seminars & events

Seminars & events

We organise a number of events over the course of the year, distributing information about the wind power sector and bringing together operators in the industry.

Wind Finland seminars

The most significant of our events is Wind Finland, Finland’s largest wind power event which is held once a year.

Every autumn, Wind Finland gathers together wind power operators and decision-makers in Helsinki to discuss the development and the latest issues of the wind power sector in Finland. In addition to the top-class seminar, the event also offers a fantastic setting for networking while enjoying cocktails and the evening programme. The language of the event is English.

In addition to Wind Finland, we hold spin-off events that address certain subjects within the wind power sector: Wind Finland Oulu with a theme of the construction and production phase is held annually in January-February in Oulu, and the Wind Finland Offshore event on off-shore wind power takes place every spring in Helsinki. The language of Wind Finland Offshore is English.

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