Membership benefits

Membership benefits

Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA) members gain access to first-hand information about sector developments and are able to influence the planning and implementation of new procedures and agreements as members of the Board and participating in working groups. Member evenings and other events are great opportunities to meet our wide membership and introduce yourself to Finnish wind industry players. Your organization can gain exposure in the leading sector magazine Tuulivoima and also on the association website. We also offer the opportunity to publish articles in the magazine.

For active personal members who are interested in participating in FWPA’s activities, a professional personal member category has been created, access to which can be applied for with a free-form application from FWPA’s member services (memberservices (at)

As a member you make our sector advocacy possible and help support the development of wind power in Finland!

Membership benefits for all companies

  • Enabling and influencing sector advocacy in the wind power sector
  • Right to vote at the annual meeting (number of votes depends on the level of the member)
  • Opportunity to run for board and committees
  • Basic visibility in Tuulivoima magazine (level 4, 3 105/3 726 €) and on FWPA’s website (level 5, 5 750/6 900 €)
  • Tuulivoima magazine (number of magazines depends on the member’s level)
  • Opportunity to produce articles for Tuulivoima magazine
  • Members´newsletter  in Finnish weekly
  • Members´newsletter  in English monthly
  • Members’ extranet where has been collected research, studies and other documents related to wind power by topic.
  • Company-specific membership meetings
  • Access to member events and networking
  • Webinars
  • Info lunches
  • Discounts for events
  • Opportunity to present the company’s employees in the Work by the wind
  • Other case-by-case communication and advocacy cooperation and visibility
  • Whatsapp Group “FWPA News”
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Extensive project list from the public version

Level-differentiated membership benefits

  • Logo to FWPA’s website, if membership at least level 5 (5 750/6 900 €)
  • Logo to Tuulivoima magazine, if membership at least level 4 (3 105/3 726 €)
  • Everyone except project developers, turbine owners, electricity producers:
    • ½ page free ad in the magazine once a year if at least level 5 (5 750/6 900 €)
    • Full page ad in the magazine if at least level 8 (11 500 €)
    • Extra visibility for law firms and consultants on the website
  • A reformed Technical Task Force where turbine manufacturers automatically have a place