2024 European Parliament election

Wind power is a security issue in tomorrow's Europe.

Climate change and energy security affect the whole of Europe. Therefore, in tomorrow’s Europe, it is important to note that:


1.      National energy production brings security – wind power is the fastest way to increase Finland’s energy production

National energy production creates security and is an issue of security of supply for an individual state and the whole of Europe. Especially in Finland, energy security boils down to strengthening one’s energy production. Wind power is the fastest and cheapest way to increase Finland’s energy production. Strengthening Finnish and European energy expertise not only brings investments and jobs, but it also strengthens subcontracting chains and keeps, for example, critical component manufacturing close to us.

2.      Coordinating Eastern Finland’s regional control and wind power is a European-wide issue

Finland’s eastern border is the EU countries’ longest border with Russia and therefore has great strategic importance. Eastern Finland is a windy region and wind power would bring investments to the region and strengthen the region’s vitality. At the same time, regionally stable wind power construction can even out fluctuations in the price of electricity and create stability in the electricity system. Keeping Eastern Finland vibrant and populated strengthens the security of the whole of Europe. The challenge of wind power construction in eastern Finland, the coordination of regional control and wind power, is indeed a Europe-wide issue.

3.     Ambitious emission reduction and renewable energy targets enable change

Climate change is a threat to all of us and the EU must be at the forefront supporting to restrain it. An important tool here is the ambitious emission reduction and renewable energy goals, which support the rapid realization of the energy transition. Wind power is one of the most important parts of the energy revolution because, with the help of clean and affordable energy, the EU maintains its competitive advantage in the global market. As a quickly built energy source, wind power enables the achievement of renewable energy goals. Cheap and clean energy is also one of the most important ways for Finland to succeed in the competition for energy investments.

4.     A common line in support policy for energy projects guarantees fair treatment for all countries

In Finland, onshore wind power has been built without governmental subsidies for several years. On the international market, however, Finland may have to compete for energy investments in a situation where support from another state distorts the competitive situation. At the European level, it would be important to eliminate the possibility of national subsidies that distort competition. The energy industry of all European countries is best supported through the EU’s enabling and predictable regulation.