Company member

Company member

As a member, you enable advocacy work and you are helping to support the national growth of the wind power industry. FWPA members receive first-hand information on current issues, and have access to influence the planning and implementation of new policies on the association’s board and committees. At member evenings and other events, you will become acquainted with other actors in the field as well. Your organization will gain visibility in the industry’s number one publication, Tuulivoima magazine, and on the association’s website. We also offer the opportunity to publish articles in the magazine. In addition, large companies receive a 1/2 page ad for the magazine each year.

Membership benefits

Note! FWPA’s membership categories and membership fee bases will change from January 2021, so the price information below will no longer apply until the end of 2020. Check out the new membership categories and membership fee bases here.

The company member fee varies with the number of employees in the corporation. A company that owns wind turbines within the support scheme of at least the capacity of 10 MW , however, are at least medium-sized companies, and MW-class wind turbine manufacturers are always large companies.

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