Company member

Company member

As a member, you enable advocacy work and you are helping to support the national growth of the wind power industry. FWPA members receive first-hand information on current issues, and have access to influence the planning and implementation of new policies on the association’s board and committees. At member evenings and other events, you will become acquainted with other actors in the field as well. Your organization will gain visibility in the industry’s number one publication, Tuulivoima magazine, and on the association’s website. We also offer the opportunity to publish articles in the magazine. 

Membership benefits

FWPA members are divided into nine different categories. Membership fees for project developers, turbine owners and electricity producers, turbine manufacturers and investors will be determined by market success and activity, as the basis for determining the fee is the combined capacity of turbines sold or wind power projects in development and electricity generation. Membership fees for other categories of members are determined mainly by the number of employees in the company. The main organization of a member company or its subsidiaries may also be included in the membership, in which case the membership shall include the total number of employees.

At association meetings, the number of votes for members depends on the amount of the member’s membership fee. The member has 1 vote for each starting thousand euros of the membership fee. The number of mailings of Tuulivoima magazines to the company also depends on the amount of the membership fee.

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If you want to end your membership, send an email as soon as possible to jasenpalvelut (at) A member has to make a declaration of resignation by the end of November of the current year in order to take effect from the beginning of the next calendar year. To leave a membership fee unpaid is not a notice of resignation. Read more from Association Bylaws.