Additional general meeting

Finnish Wind Power Association (future Renewables Finland) invites the members of the association to an additional general meeting on Tuesday 18th of June 2024 starting at 13:00. On the agenda there is the updated action plan of the association and budget and the election of board members.

The meeting will be held at the law firm Rochier, Kasarmikatu 21 A, Helsinki. Remote participation is also possible.

In order to be entitled to vote at the meeting, members must have registered for the meeting by 16:00 on Tuesday 10 June at the latest. Delegates attending the meeting in Rochier must also register by 16.00 on 10 June, as voting is also done electronically in the meeting room, so delegates attending the meeting will also need a remote meeting link.

The meeting will be streamed and personal login IDs will be sent to all eligible participants by 12.00 on 17 June at the latest. A separate viewing link will be sent to remote participants who do not exercise their member voting rights.

Please note: Candidates for the board are requested to send their nominations by 16.00 on 10 June 2024 to

Register for the meeting

Download the introduction form of the board candidate

Download the proxy form