Heikki Peltomaa continues as chairperson of the Finnish Wind Power Association

Heikki Peltomaa, CEO of wpd Finland Oy, will continue as chairperson of the board of the Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA). Peltomaa has solid experience in the wind power industry since 2006, and he has been actively involved in FWPA’s board for the sixth year.

Working as CEO of wpd Finland Oy, which develops wind power projects, Peltomaa has strong expertise in the development of onshore and offshore wind power projects.

“Onshore wind power continues to grow and offshore wind power also has the opportunity to grow into a significant industrial sector in Finland if we play our cards right. Wind power will be the biggest target of green investments for the whole decade, Heikki Peltomaa emphasizes.

Jenny-Li Holmström, who has been actively involved in the association’s board and committees since 2013, was elected as the vice-chairperson of FWPA’s board. Holmström, who works at Taaleri Energia as a portfolio manager of international solar and wind funds and a lawyer, expects the future government to continue the good practices, but also to adapt to the new environment.

“With the growth of the industry and the association, the board’s role has to change more strategically to Steering. The board has been active and involved, but the growth of the association’s skilled staff and the opportunities created by wind power also for the P2X and hydrogen industry bring the need for rethinking,” says Holmström.

Board members 2023

Chairperson of the board: Heikki Peltomaa, wpd Finland Oy (varajäsen Erja Vengasaho, wpd windmanager Suomi Oy)

Vice-chairperson of the board: Jenny-Li Holmström, Taaleri Energia (varajäsen Erkki Kunnari, Taaleri Energia)

Veli-Pekka Alkula, OX2 (Teemu Loikkanen, OX2)

Nils Borstelman, Energiequelle (Atte Lohman, Energiequelle)

Piia Heikkinen, Nordi (Björn Nykvist Asianajotoimisto HPP)

Aapo Koivuniemi, ABO Wind (Amanda Cardwell, ABO Wind)

Sami Kuitunen, private member (Marko Olli, Ramboll)

Erkka Saario, Ilmatar Energy

Sirpa Smids, Enersense Oy (Lauri Lammivaara, Enersense Wind Oy)

Pekka Tolonen, Helen Oy (Tommi Göös, Helen Oy)

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