The newly established network of Finnish wind power municipalities shares experiences and know-how

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The network of Finnish wind power municipalities was established on Sep 14th 2022 with the help of sixteen mayors. The common goal of the network is, in addition to monitoring the interests of the wind power municipalities, to share the know-how and good practices of the municipalities, to correct wrong beliefs, and also to promote solutions so that wind power investments are located more evenly in Finland.

There are about a hundred municipalities and cities in Finland that have wind power. Some municipalities have accumulated experience with wind power for several years, some municipalities are only now building their first wind turbines. It was decided to also include in the network municipalities with wind power spatial planning pending, so that these municipalities can learn from those who have been working with wind power for longer. “We think it is important that a forum has now been established for municipalities and cities, where mayors can exchange experiences related to wind power and share good practices”, says Heidi Paalatie, Director of Operations of the Finnish Wind Power Association.

“The purpose has been to create a place between the mayors, where you can ask your colleagues for help and additional perspectives if something needs to be solved in your own municipality. We in the industry are happy that such a network has been created”, Paalatie continues.

It is important for wind power municipalities that, for example, the property tax benefit gained from wind turbines remains in full in the municipality where the wind turbine is located.

“Property tax is important for municipalities in a financial sense, but it also has a particularly large impact on local acceptability. The effects of wind power are very local – that’s why the locals must be able to feel that they also get immediate benefits from it”, comments the newly elected chairperson of the network, Isojoki mayor Juha Herrala.

“As a unified network, the wind power municipalities have better ability to influence the most significant interest promotion issues related to wind power production. That is why such a network is extremely necessary. I thank the Finnish Wind Power Association for facilitating the initial steps of the operation”, Herrala explains the need to establish the network.

Most of the wind power plants are located in North Ostrobothnia, Lapland, Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia. As wind power technology develops, more and more wind power is also being built in Inner Finland. The wind power projects in Eastern Finland’s municipalities often collide with Defence Forces’ unresolved radar challenges. One of the goals of the network of mayors is to influence the solution of the radar issue in Eastern Finland, so that the wind power potential of the areas near the eastern border can be utilized, and that the municipalities located in the region have an equal opportunity to receive wind power investments in their area. More evenly spaced wind power areas would also be an advantage for current wind power municipalities.

In addition to the chairperson, the network elected three vice-chairpersons for a two-year term. Mayors Marjukka Manninen from Ii in North Ostrobothnia, Mika Simoska from Tervola in Lapland and Jussi Niinistö from Kannus in South Ostrobothnia were elected as vice-chairpersons. The 16 municipalities in the founding phase have a total of 33 % of Finland’s wind power capacity, i.e. more than 360 wind power plants. The network is expanding, as numerous municipalities have expressed their interest in joining the activity.

More information:

Juha Herrala
Mayor, the Chairperson of the Wind Power municipalities’ network
The municipality of Isojoki
+358 40 7647 870