Finnish Wind Power Association expands its activities to solar power

The annual meeting of the Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA) decided yesterday that the association will expand its activities not only to wind power but also to industrial-scale solar power. With this extension, the association’s activities will cover a more significant part of the Finnish renewable energy field.

At its annual meeting on 18 April yesterday, FWPA decided to extend its activities to industrial-scale solar power. In the future, the association will promote not only domestic onshore and offshore wind power but also solar power in Finland. The decision will also allow for other advocacy activities related to solar and wind power projects, such as the construction of energy storage facilities in connection with projects. In the future, the amendments will also allow other newer energy production solutions to be included in the association’s lobbying activities if so decided.

“Bringing wind and solar power together will create many synergies and strengthen the association’s role in the Finnish renewable energy scene. Together, wind and solar power have a truly significant potential for clean power generation in Finland and we will proudly represent both as pioneers of the energy revolution,” says Anni Mikkonen, CEO of the Finnish Wind Power Association.

Industrial-scale solar power is fast becoming an important part of Finland’s broader strategy for renewable energy and energy independence. Together with wind power, these sectors will soon account for the majority of our country’s renewable electricity production, creating a strong basis for Finland to act as a home for hydrogen-based industries in the future, for example.

“Finland has the potential to be a strategically important partner in the energy transition and a model country for clean energy for the whole of Europe. An efficient and growth-enhancing investment environment is a prerequisite for the growth of domestic solar power, and it is therefore excellent news that solar and wind power will have a strong common front to promote renewable energy interests”, said Martti Malmivirta, founding partner and board member of Korkia, which invests globally in renewable energy and solar power.

Name change during the spring

The decision also means a name change for the association, which will be confirmed during the spring. Until then, the association will operate under its old name and with the same contact details. Practical changes related to the expansion of the association are underway and the recruitment of staff dedicated to solar power has started.

New member companies will be accepted from 6 May 2024 onwards via the association’s website.

More information:

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