How much wind power to Finland?

21 300 MW

About 21,300 megawatts of wind power projects are under development in Finland (2021).

How much wind power can and should be built in Finland?

Finnish wind conditions do not set a limit to the amount of wind power that can be built in Finland. From the perspective of Finnish wind resources, the Finnish Wind Atlas shows that onshore and offshore wind resources are sufficient to meet ambitious wind energy targets. The amount of wind power that is feasible to build depends more for example on how well wind farms receive necessary permits or how attractive developers are able to make their financial calculations.

Great potential

Finland’s wind power potential is many times higher than the capacity currently available (2 586 MW / 7,8 TWh). According to FWPA’s spring 2021 updated project list, there are more than 21,300 megawatts of wind power projects under development in Finland. Not all projects are likely to be implemented for various reasons, such as the windiness of the area or nature values. However, almost 7,000 MW of projects already have a land use plan or a land use plan and a building permit.

From a land use perspective, current regional plans designate only a small proportion of the total potentially suitable areas for wind power construction. However, regional land use planners have been instructed to consider the needs of wind power in future regional plans and when making amendments to existing plans. From the point of view of developing the Finnish national grid, there is in any case a need to strengthen the power system because of the construction of several other new power plants.

So, how much wind power should be constructed? From the point of view of society, wind power offers practically emission-free energy production using a domestic and inexhaustible energy source. There are, however, other good sources of energy. The number of economically feasible wind power investments is therefore dependent on the cost changes of competitive technologies. Wind power technology is still developing very rapidly and so it is impossible to forecast how low costs can fall. At the moment wind power is already one of the most cost-effective sources of energy.