Over 70 percent of respondents want more wind power in the Energy Attitude survey

According to the Energy Industry’s annual Energy Attitudes Survey, wind power is the second most desired of all forms of electricity generation. More than 70 percent of respondents are in favor of increasing the use of wind power.

In 2013, less than one percent of the electricity consumed in Finland was covered by wind power, but in 2025 more than 25 % of our country’s electricity consumption will be generated by wind power.

“Yes, this has been an incredibly fast and magnificent trajectory for renewable energy. In the decade, wind power has grown from a marginal form of production to one of the most important players in the energy field”, says Anni Mikkonen, CEO of the Finnish Wind Power Association.

Even if total energy consumption does not increase, respondents believe that electricity consumption will continue to grow as society functions get electrified.

“Wind power also gives industry, transport and heating a way to reduce CO2 emissions, for example through the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen projects are on everyone’s lips. We have the opportunity to generate clean, renewable and cheap electricity from wind power. With the help of cheap electricity, Finland can compete for major hydrogen projects”, says Anni Mikkonen.

According to the Energy Attitudes Survey, Finns still strongly favor renewable energy sources in electricity production. Wind power has become the most affordable form of electricity generation, and thanks to rapidly evolving technology, the cost of wind power generation will continue to decline rapidly in the future. A similar development does not occur in more established forms of production.

A record amount of new wind power is currently being completed in Finland. When wind power capacity was 2 586 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2020 (821 wind farms), it will be at least 6 330 MW (1 500 wind farms) at the end of 2023. The wind power capacity currently under construction means investments of more than four billion euros, bringing vitality mainly to small municipalities. Wind power statistics for 2021 will be published at the end of January 2022.

Download the results of the Energy Industry’s Energy Attitudes 2021 survey