Matias Ollila starts as director of advocacy of the Finnish Wind Power Association

Matias Ollila, master of political science, has been hired as the director of advocacy at Finnish Wind Power Association (FWPA). Ollila has most recently worked as a special assistant to the Minister of Economic Affairs and will start working at FWPA on September 4th, 2023.

Before the position of special assistant to the Minister of Economic Affairs, Ollila worked as a communications political planner in the Centre Party. In FWPA, the new duty of director of advocacy includes e.g. planning and development of the association’s advocacy monitoring, monitoring and influencing the preparation of legislation in the wind power sector, as well as communication with influencers.

“With pleasure I am moving on to the task of the Finnish Wind Power Association to promote the unprecedented rise of domestic energy. Clean and safe wind power is the solution. It can be used to produce low-cost electricity and increase employment through industrial investments. When the growth rate is high, extensive social interaction plays an essential role. My goal is shared pride instead of envy,” says Matias Ollila.

“Matias Ollila’s extensive expertise in industrial policy, maritime industry and green transition investments is an excellent addition to the expertise of our current staff. In addition, he is thoroughly familiar with the activities of the Government and political decision-making. We are looking forward to working with Matias in the wind power industry and we warmly welcome him,” says CEO Anni Mikkonen.

Additional information:

Anni Mikkonen, CEO, Suomen Tuulivoimayhdistys ry, 040 771 6114

Matias Ollila, 040 745 6200