Finnish wind power project portfolio updated: A record amount of wind power is planned in Finland

According to FWPAs’ wind power project list a record number of new wind power projects are planned in Finland. The planned 18,000 MW (3,400 wind turbines) in production would cover more than 71 percent of current electricity consumption. Wind power can thus respond well to the increase in electricity consumption due to the fight against climate change and the increasing electrification of industry, heat generation and transport. In the future, new wind power projects will be built without state support.

The number of planned wind power projects in Finland has been steadily increasing in recent years. In January 2020, according to FWPA’s updated list of wind power projects, the over 18,000 MW currently being planned in Finland means a total of 212 wind power projects, of which 205 are planned for land and seven for the sea. Seven percent (1,300 MW) of the currently known wind power projects are under construction. In addition, nearly 40% (6,600 MW) of known wind power projects have building permits issued by the municipality and a land use plan or a land use plan.

The project list shows that there is a huge wind power potential in Finland to respond to the growth in electricity demand. “Different industries in Finland are currently preparing their low carbon roadmaps. Although roadmaps are still incomplete, it is clear at this stage that in many industrial sectors low carbon will mean an increase in electricity consumption. Also in transport and heating, combating climate change will lead to an increase in electricity consumption. By building projects that already have a building permit and a land use plan, the share of wind power in Finland’s electricity consumption would increase by 27%. In addition to projects currently under development, wind power companies are actively looking for new areas suitable for wind power and a significant number of projects will be launched this year, ”says Anni Mikkonen, CEO of the Finnish Wind Power Association.

“Of course, we have to keep in mind that during the development of a wind power project, there are a lot studies that can stop the further development of the project. The location of the wind farm is influenced by, among other things, the settlement, the municipal will, the natural values, the capacity of the grid in the area, the size of the project and, of course, the strength of the winds, ”Mikkonen continues.

Most wind power projects are planned in Northern Ostrobothnia (67 projects), Ostrobothnia (34 projects), Southern Ostrobothnia (25 projects) and Central Finland (17 projects). According to the project list, at least one wind power project is planned for each province in Finland.

Wind power can be built evenly throughout the country, as advanced wind power technology also enables inland construction. “The breeze rises the higher we go. The increased tower heights of wind turbines allow good production also in the hinterland, where, among other things, the forest affects the wind. In general, rapidly evolving technology now allows for market-based wind power construction – largely anywhere in Finland, ”says Mikkonen.

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Etha Wind Oy is the maintainer of the wind power project list and map.