Finnish Wind Power Association is a member of the national hydrogen cluster

Hydrogen and wind power fit extremely well together. Wind power is the cheapest and fastest way to increase renewable electricity and electricity production that meets the criteria for green hydrogen in Finland.

A completely emission-free way to produce hydrogen is the electrolysis of water, in which water molecules are broken down into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity. Electrolysis generates green hydrogen, which is the path to a carbon-neutral society and the creation of an internationally competitive industry.

Finland’s wind power capacity is growing at the same time as the green hydrogen market. In the coming years, at least 200-300 wind farms will be built per year. By the middle of the decade, wind power will cover at least a quarter of Finland’s electricity consumption, says Heidi Paalatie, Chief Operating Officer of the Finnish Wind Power Association.

The National Hydrogen Cluster Finland is a network of companies and industry organizations that promotes the growth and knowledge of the hydrogen economy in order to create business opportunities.

Finland has excellent opportunities to develop a significant industry from pure hydrogen and products processed from it. This industry is largely based on competitive electricity produced with wind power, says Outi Ervasti, Chairman of the steering group of the National Hydrogen Cluster.