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Wolf Energetik GmbH

The German engineering company Wolf Energetik is a technology provider offering basic engineering, know-how transfer and licensing rights for the FEREDOX technology. This proven industrial technology is a safe method for chemical storage of hydrogen and electricity. The solid storage material used is an iron compound that is robust, non-toxic and has a high storage density. Closed-loop operation guarantees high energy efficiency and makes FEREDOX a cost-efficient electricity storage system. Development and performance optimization are carried out in Wolf Energetik's test facilities at the German Fuel Institute in Freiberg. The company's headquarters are in Dresden, both innovative locations in the emerging hydrogen region of Saxony.


wpd Suomi Oy

WPD Finland Oy is a renewable energy project developer active in the development, construction and operation of wind onshore and solar PV projects worldwide. The company founded in 1996 in Bremen, Germany, is today playing a leading role in helping to convert energy supplies and supporting the protection of our climate.


wpd Windmanager Suomi Oy

wpd windmanager has been providing technical and commercial services for the operational phase of wind farms since 1998. Our extensive and customisable range of services is key to optimising the use of our customers' assets. Around 500 professionals manage over 2,700 wind turbines worldwide, in more than 520 wind farms, with a total capacity of 5,870 MW. wpd windmanager's clients include funds, national and international investor groups and governmental authorities. In Finland, wpd windmanager manages over 90 wind turbines with a total capacity of more than 300 MW.


YIT Energy Oy

YIT is a leading Finnish construction company with a history of over 110 years. We are a reliable turnkey renewable energy developer with extensive experience in both project development and infrastructure construction. YIT has developed one of the largest onshore wind farms in Finland and built over 200 turbine foundations since 2010, some with rock-anchoring solutions developed in-house.



Ylitornion Tuulivoima Oy on suomalainen yritys, joka kehittää tuulipuistoa Ylitorniossa.