Support scheme for renewable energy

Support scheme for renewable energy

The Energy Authority made decisions regarding tenders submitted to the technology-neutral auction for operating aid in March 2019. All 26 tenders submitted involved wind power production. Feed-in premium was granted to seven projects and 19 were turned down. The projects were accepted in order of cost competitiveness. All accepted projects met the criteria specified for participation in the auction.

The following projects were accepted: Kestilän Kokkonevan Tuulivoima Oy’s Kestilän Kokkonevan Tuulivoima (Kestilä), CPC Finland Oy’s Lakiakangas 3 (Isojoki and Kristiinankaupunki), Puhuri Oy’s Parhalahti (Pyhäjoki), Puhuri Oy’s Hankilanneva (Haapavesi), Kalax Vindkraft Ab/Oy’s Kalax (Närpiö), Tuuliwatti Oy’s Tuuliwatti Simo Leipiö III (Simo) and Tuulipuisto Oy Hirvinevan Hirvineva-Liminka (Liminka). More detailed information on the projects is available on the Energy Authority’s website.

The average price of the bids for the winning projects was EUR 2.49 per MWh. The lowest accepted bid rice was EUR 1.27 per MWh and the highest EUR 3.97 per MWh. The price of the accepted bids, weighted by the annual offered electricity production, was EUR 2.58 per MWh. The average price of the declined bids was EUR 8.52 per MWh.

The premium will be paid for 12 years. The support period shall start at the latest three years after the adoption of the approval decision. At the moment there is no plan for a new tender in Finland.

Main features of the new finnish support scheme for renewable energy by HPP Attorneys